Health Care Ministry

New Bethlehem Medical Team
I’m in the process of assembling a Medical Team for NBBC.
The idea is to have individuals in church each Sunday to render basic medical assistance in case of an emergency.
For this process to work we must build a team with enough members to have backups since there will not always be team members in attendance every Sunday. The idea is to have at least 2-3 volunteers in church each Sunday to respond to a medical crisis

The team will consist of members of New Bethlehem that already have in-depth to some basic medical knowledge or experience.

As a ministry I would like to see us offer medical training not just to our members but to the community such as CPR, and AED use as well as vital signs in preparation for transport of a member by EMS services.

Our church should offer at least 2 Blood Drives per year, June & December

Educate the community on  various Health Issues.

This week I will make calls to several members that might be interested. As we progress I will update you. Later the church should be introduced to the team so when there is an emergency the member will know who to seek out.

Is there anything that you might want to see this team do?